other resources

If you are looking for some resources to help you get started with differentiation, here are a few options:

For professional development

The Institute on Academic Diversity at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia offers spring, summer and fall professional development sessions on Differentiating Instruction. Meet Dr. Tomlinson and renowned educators at the Institute on Academic Diversity sessions, and see how classroom practitioners use the principles and practices of defensible differentiation to support student achievement.


The ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) offers some online courses on Differentiating Instruction. In addition, the ASCD offers a variety of professional developemnt institutes on differentiation throughout each year.


Internet links for more information

www. differentiationcentral.com
This website is devoted to differentiation and is reviewed by Dr. Tomlinson and her colleagues at UVa. You can find more resources, sample lesson plans, and discussion rooms devoted to differentiation.


www. ascd.org
The ASCD developed books and multimedia kits related to Differentiation for professional development. They also offers on-line classes for those wanting to learn more about the philosophy of differentiation, and offer a Differentiation Channel on PD InFocus.


Education Insights
This website is a source of interviews on a range of topics in education. interview is also available on it.


What was your critical transformation as a teacher? We have a video clip of Dr. Tomlinson sharing her transformational moment as a teacher. How was that? Do you want more about other renowned educators' transformational experiences? Visit the ASCD EDge and check out those stories.